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About Us

Thiru L.Selva Ganesan who is the proprietor of this website and work born in Tuticorin District Tamilnadu India. He born in the year May 31 1983.He studied in Tamil medium in his childhood and by his hard work he finished his Engineering with First class. He started his career by searching for Engineering job in Chennai and Bangalore cities. At that time he got a relation with the some Civilian’s and by their help he was tried to start “Ulaga kutiyachi ammaibu” in English we can say “world republic organization” in the year 2006.Because of some personal problems he was concentrated in his job search. After 11 years later he decided to move towards the business. He tried to start the matrimony in his own idea. Even there was more than 50 matrimony he did the matrimony in different way of handling. In the year 2017 he again return his civilian work. He is very much interested in the civilian’s topics and he move in that field.

In the year 2018 ,when he was in the browsing in the computer related to electronics he say some group was designed their logo in the wrong way. In another one place he say some political parties flag was designed in the wrong way which is odd from the topic. He thought about that and he got an idea to check all the logo’s and slogan of the all the companies of all the countries. He explore it in the page of Global monitoring and development website.

He is one of the civilian and he is eager in the innovations where ever he is working he try to explore himself in the different way. Recently he innovated the idea of attesting the money instrument to retrieval in banks. He said to attest the notes by the banks before using it by the peoples. He also suggested the idea to Atomic Researching Peoples to design the salt water vapour to escape from the atomic radiations during Atomic bomb blasting.

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I planned to make a Rithvaan family by joining all the MLA’s who will register their names in this webpage. We need country head with the financial background of 50000 crore and MLA with the background of 100 crore.I planned to place one world with 12 heads for the guidance of the group. Project owned by the Ameera Selvaganesan who is the present kind of the global group.
Ameera Selvaganesan is called as prince Ashoka Perarasan of the country. He is also called as privacy , zillionaire and kind of the Globe.
Ameera Selvaganesan is doing the Global networking the seperate base for the global softwares. In this networking he is doing the Granted Global Gateway GGG for global networks. Also he is doing the operating system for global softwares to create a seperate plateform for the global consumptions.