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Thiru L.Selva Ganesan who is the proprietor of this website and work born in Tuticorin District Tamilnadu India. He born in the year May 31 1983.He studied in Tamil medium in his childhood and by his hard work he finished his Engineering with First class. He started his career by searching for Engineering job in Chennai and Bangalore cities. At that time he got a relation with the some Civilian’s and by their help he was tried to start “Ulaga kutiyachi ammaibu” in English we can say “world republic organization” in the year 2006.Because of some personal problems he was concentrated in his job search. After 11 years later he decided to move towards the business. He tried to start the matrimony in his own idea. Even there was more than 50 matrimony he did the matrimony in different way of handling. In the year 2017 he again return his civilian work. He is very much interested in the civilian’s topics and he move in that field.


We are doing global projects. Our family personalities and other beloved personality to involve in the projects to make the project grant success. We need investors or project members from all the countries least area. He is called as the global power the zillionaire of the earth. We are doing our zillionaire work of creating our financial network in all the countries. We need supporter cum investors to create our financial network. As explained in any one of the countries for some reasons in that situation we need secure and safe from our supporters. This is the aim of the project and we are calling least area members as MLA (a member of least area).In this registration page, all our supporters need to registered their names along with their property details to print a book related to the financial stand of  supporters. As per the word our we want to create a system which will not disturb the financial hierarchy of the earth. Hoard the word we used is called as a financial concern which will do financial work.

Business and non business people can registered their names in the option business or non business assistant.where as business and non business option is for registration of the world pesonalities to registered their names and properties and company details.To collect the statistical data of the nationalized, privatized, globalized and public sector’s properties and to publish the details in the book “International tome for the fiscal standard of Globe and the worlds this web page is collecting that details. This book will delivered to registered persons in the page.

WORK OF THE MLA:we are doing this zillionaire work for the purpose of financial ruling.So being a member in that least area they need to do 

1.Supervision of the project
2.Overview of the financial works in that area.
3.Ensure the safe and security of the kind and link if required
4.As defined by the kind and link you need to zillionaire work of that area
5.As per the word “International project for finance and reservation” our handling and beheaviour in the project should on profit motive.
6.MLA need to increase the  life style of the individual by our beloved activities.
7.As per the word admire,individuals,infinite MLA need to show their helping hands to peoples until individuals get aware and move towards their lifes.

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